A Simple Engine for Creating and Setting Animated wallpapers for your Desktop.

Download MoeWalls


Basic system requirements

Operating System – Windows 10/8.1/8
Processor – Intel i3 or equivalent
Memory – 2048 MB RAM or higher
DirectX – Version 9 or above


Just download and Unzip the folder anywhere you want.


1. Open the MoeWalls app.
2. Just press “Create new Project” button.
3. Select video or url , write Title, and select preview image (in your opinion)
4. Press Add.

Tips: To pause/close the running app, simply press Windows+B (Windows key + B at the same time) and press Enter to see app in the system tray, then right click->exit.


The most simple software to turn videos, gifs and webs into windows live wallpapers.

Download LivePaper



Browse your gif or video files.
Set your wallpaper on windows startup.

Current issues

Video scaling, probably can’t be solved. You need videos in the correct resolution(s) of your screen.

Web wallpaper

Set any web to wallpaper, copy url and paste on text field, also youtube videos. Set youtube video as a wallpaper using this url format:
Tips: For add sound change the mute value (&mute=1) to zero (&mute=0)

The source code was made by SegoCode: here

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25 days ago

Dear Creator / Owner, I have issue with Dual Monitors. I use MOEWALLS with one display it has no issue when I switch into dual it started to bug which the Dual display Isn’t fully cover with blank and black, I need this to be fix thank you.

1 month ago

Dear creator of this website, thank you for this wallpapers. It were hard to find good website with cool high-quality mp4-wallpapers. I’m linux user, I want downloaded 30 wallpapers. Maybe, I’ll convert them to gif, maybe, will use in video format. However, thank you again for them! ^_^

1 month ago

When I put it , it just show black screen

1 month ago

i don’t know how to use this

1 month ago

Excuse me i had used livepaper to put in the live wallpaper i wanted but when i press apply nothing is happening? i am on windows 11 is there a solution

3 months ago

with the moewalls application, sometimes itll randomly start covering all the shortcuts on my desktop and ill have to restart the program. how do i prevent this?? sometimes itll keep covering the shortcuts even if i restart it to which i have to reinstall the entire program

chris agnew
5 months ago

how do you uninstall it? i originally installed MoeWalls but then switched to Livepaper and prefer that because its better. But Moewalls still shows up on my pc. Thank you.

4 months ago
Reply to  chris agnew

i have the same problem. have you solved it?

4 months ago
Reply to  chris agnew

I know I’m late but I found a solution to exit the app. I had the same problem and finally fixed it. Click on the arrow left on the Notification area, right-click the
Moewalls app, and press exit. Then you can finally uninstall it. I hope this helps

2 months ago
Reply to  Corgi

this does not help me. after i exit the app i cannot find where to uninstall the app. it’s not in apps & features or programs and features

Badhon mannaf
1 month ago
Reply to  Will

You never installed it….its in a folder ready as an exe. So its not hard installed. You just delete the folder and its gone.

5 months ago

i cant opein the app afet uninstalling it

5 months ago

how do i download this on my school computer

6 months ago

how do i do it on dual monitors

dominik kolinski
7 months ago

how do i uninstall after the set up

8 months ago

how to make it auto start

8 months ago

Question How to uninstall this or change it after set up

8 months ago

Can I install it with mac?

6 months ago
Reply to  uwu


11 months ago

By chance are there any option where I could use 2 screens for live wallpapers. As of now I can only use one.

9 months ago
Reply to  bernado

Did u find a solution? I have the same problem

11 months ago


1 year ago

Hello, first comment here. Glad to know that there are other alternatives software beside wallpaper Engine and Videopaper.